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CHVNGE comes in a moment where recycling matters, but offered in a unique way. Reuses iconic models of jeans and together with stick details that make them special and provocative. Vintage pieces are timeless, renewed through current materials and unexpected patterns, which now have a new story. Anything is possible when there are metal studs, ethnic fabrics and animal prints. Scissors, patches and bleach. For those who like to take risks, from now on, is to dress with attitude! Among cuts, colors and patterns, choose your spirit: punk rock, aztec, tie-dye, surf … Change is a irreverent clothing brand with quality materials. Have fun with a second image.

Give clothes a Second Chance! Marta Leitão is who is behind each piece. She discovered that there is always something to add on clothes to make them unforgettable. The enthusiasm for each of her and friends custom pieces turned into passion. Images pictured, trips and music that inspires her creations. Adventurous, felt the need for a Change in her life. Now everything makes sense, to look for pieces she loves, vintage, and customize them,while she leaves her background in digital advertisement behind. With a creative freedom and attentive for fashion trends, the possibilities to play with clothes are endless.